My Vision for Our Community is YOU!


The Community

I have been a part of our community for all my life. Born in Seattle and raised in Bellevue, I lived on the east side for over 30 years. I have been proud and inspired to see our community grow so much!  That growth however is quickly changing the character of our "little" Bellevue. It has evolved into a big city and an economic powerhouse for the region. Its important at this critical time we begin to implement smart and robust policies that balance the needs of the community with the need for responsible growth and affordability. Preserving the character of our City and at the same time fostering responsible growth  is one of the challenges I look forward to tackling with the Council. 


United by Common Goals

I know the value of being connected to our City. That's why I'm running for City Council.  I am passionate to help ensure that our City and region's phenomenal growth and dynamism doesn't change the character of Bellevue. As a council member I want us to continue to be recognized as a safe and beautiful community to work, live, raise families, and play in. That said, I'm not here to provide all the answers, I want us to be able to look at the solutions and tools that we have right here in our most valuable asset: our community! I want to know whats on your mind. What are your concerns and priories as a Bellevue resident? Help me find out and connect with you!


Get Involved

I can't win this race without your help. I'm calling on interested members of our community to join me: work on the campaign, canvas neighboorhoods, help spread the word, , and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.